I have had the luxury and convenience of working with Laurie Haefele for over 15 years. Laurie, like myself, was educated thru an architectural curriculum which is important in not only understanding design, but having the technical abilities required to execute complex designs.

As an interior designer, my philosophy for 30 years now has been to collaborate with specialists who are the very best In their field. Lighting designers, landscape architects, kitchen designers, etc. Laurie has enabled Magni Design and their clients to have the latest information on kitchen design by her attending all the European kitchen shows bringing back the latest in trends, new materials, and incorporating newly designed or upgraded appliances. All these components she brings together to give our clients not only a superbly functional kitchen, but also ones that look like fine furniture. Laurie is a team player, low on ego and high on talent. She is capable of bringing in solutions at a variety of budgets and does so with great professionalism. The greatest part of including Laurie in a design project is that it allows architects and interior designers to concentrate on the macro scale issues and have the convenience and peace of mind that they are delivering to their projects and clients the very best in kitchen design. Laurie's talents go beyond the kitchen and into bath and closet design as well. Laurie has been a huge part of the success of Magni Design Inc.

- James Magni Principal Magni Designs

I have worked with Laurie in varying capacities over the years. She is unique as she comes from a distinct context due to the fact that she was formerly trained as an architect. This is very important to me as she has the understanding and sophistication of how the kitchen relates to the overall design of a residence, as well as having all the technical and functional knowledge of how a kitchen needs to work. Although I have worked in the capacity of Laurie acting as a consultant to myself or an interior designer on a project, she is very capable of working directly with a client from design through construction, where the scope is specific to the remodeling their kitchen.

I would highly recommend Laurie to designers, architects, and clients.

- Russell Shubin Partner, AIA Shubin + Donaldson Architects

Working with Laurie Haefele was a pleasure. Her up to the minute design ideas made the process exciting for a client that needed a workable space for entertaining and daily family use. Her professionalism, attention to detail and follow-up was impressive, making the process as enjoyable as possible!

- Rebecca Arnold Century City, California